A Memorial Day

By 22nd January 2016 Fundraising, News Archives
KHULA in South Africa & the UK - A David Rattray Education Initiative

A battle which in some way led to the formation of KHULA EDUCATION (formerly The David Rattray Foundation). Each year there are commemorative events on site, and this year was no exception. Vast crowds arrived by bus, taxi, private car and on foot to hear the Zulu King speak. KHULA EDUCATION’s newest recruit, Zak Buthelezi, was there in all his finery.

Also, to mark the day, the local communities came together to celebrate the occasion in their own special way: the annual Zulu Zebras vs the Rorke’s Drift Redcoats Football Match. Our visiting officer, Sam, from the Royal Welsh Regiment represented his British predecessors of the 24th Regiment reenforcing the sentiments of reconciliation of the day’s events. The game was played before an enthusiastic and vocal audience on the playing field at Rorke’s Drift. Who won? The community won.

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