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About KHULA in South Africa & the UK – a David Rattray Education Initiative

KHULA in South Africa

"When we started operations in 2007 we found ourselves talking to desperate principals who needed everything from pens and pencils to toilets."
Ben Henderson, KHULA CEO

We stress the concept of partnership in which all parties work together to achieve the common goal of improved education for the children.

In South Africa, KHULA is a locally based and registered Section 21 Public Benefit Organisation with responsibility for fundraising and implementation of education-focused projects in the Isandlwana and Rorke's Drift area of KwaZulu Natal (KZN).

KHULA in South Africa & the UK - A David Rattray Education Initiative

Our objectives are to assist the local schools with:

Infrastructure and equipment
Teacher and staff development
School management
Improved integration with local communities
KHULA in South Africa & the UK - A David Rattray Education Initiative

KHULA in the UK

KHULA in the UK raises funds and international awareness of our work in South Africa.

In the UK KHULA is represented by the registered charity David Rattray Memorial Trust which was named to commemorate the inspirational David Rattray, who had a life-long passion for promoting and caring for the welfare of the local Zulu people . Our mission is to help provide education and care of children in the poorest areas of rural South Africa.

We provide the fundraising support for our South African projects. Without these vital funds we would not be able to provide the support that the schools need. We can see the need for other opportunities and have fully developed programmes currently on ‘stand by’ until sufficient funding becomes available to launch.

Any intervention respects the local KZN environment and Zulu culture and have the involvement of the local community. We encourage sustainable improvement by prioritising education, which also impacts positively on health and employment opportunities.

About Us

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