Blink and it seems like we are a quarter of the way through the school year! The good news is, there is no time limit on learning and here at KHULA Education we believe education is a lifelong pursuit. In this month's wrap up we are celebrating some occasions where we have been teaching the teachers and giving staff the opportunity to develop their skills.

With the first term of our school year coming to a close, we welcomed English and Zulu teaching staff in schools to participate in a Storytelling workshop - and we had some surprise facilitators that caused a big stir! (More below)

We also heard that two of our incredible management team, Nothile and Slindo who play such a crucial role in the day-to-day running of KHULA, have been offered places in the 2022 DGMT Fellowship for Organisational Innovation! We can't wait to hear what they learn and are excited to sit down with other dynamic organisations working across South Africa.

Our two peer mentors, Thuli and Mdu, attended a leadership course in Cape Town and, closer to home, our new graduate teaching fellows (three of whom are past Madrinha scholars from our programmes) have begun to teach their own lessons and set tests for students. It's certainly all go, but we wouldn't have it any other way!

Building Confidence with the Help of Famous Faces!
This month, we had some celebrity visitors to KHULA Education, Pallance Dladla, Ayanda Sithebe, and Amanda Lane. This incredible team of an actor, creative space creator, and writer/director are helping KHULA work on our Storytelling project which brings creativity into the classroom and helps students gain confidence and presentation skills. 

We kicked off with a teachers workshop last week. The team welcomed English, isiZulu and Life Orientation subject teachers and coached them through the steps of creating a praise poem. 

We have seen students and graduates struggle in an interview environment, where local customs that encourage deference to elders and more soft spoken manners can be at odds with what an employer or educator is looking for. The project aims to help students identify their own strengths and think about how they present and communicate in different contexts. For teachers the goal is to develop dynamic teaching techniques and tools to help students with presentation skills.

Next term, we will be bringing students into the fold. Having seen the enthusiasm and energy in our teachers workshop - we can't wait to see the reaction and performances of students!

Developing Young Leaders
Two of our more established Madrinha Scholars on KHULA's staff, Mdu who works as an IT administrator for our schools and Thuli who helps with both KHULA and the Madrinha Trust's finances, also had an opportunity to grow this month.

They both play a key role as mentors to current students, helping them navigate their ambitions and challenges. This peer support has proved invaluable, and we were excited to be able to send them to a Leadership Development conference to help them develop their coaching style.

After a nearly 24 hour bus journey across three provinces, they arrived in Cape Town. The workshop gave them an opportunity to meet others involved in community work from Germany, Uganda and South Africa - giving them a chance to see global perspectives and talk to like minded young leaders. The agenda saw everyone participate in a game to understand their personality profile - protectors/caregivers/adventurers/dreamers- and think about the strengths and weaknesses that sit within that. Both Mdu and Thuli have come away with a better understanding of themselves, and how they can use this knowledge to help the students they work with.

It's been a busy start to 2022 at KHULA Education with new educators joining the team, new schools being inducted into our top-up teaching programme, and all three of our pre-schools now at full capacity.

One of the definite highlights has been seeing classes and school grounds full of noise and students again, as rotational teaching has come to an end and school is now back full time for learners. It isn't without its difficulties, as many school classes -already full- are now significantly above their capacity with students needing to catch up on lost learning, but the fact that students have returned to education is something to be celebrated.

Meet KHULA's Teaching Fellows
We are very excited to be working with Teach The Nation and The Madrinha Trust on a new initiative which sees recent university graduates join the KHULA Educator Team to help support our top-up teaching programme. They will be with us for two years, while they earn their PGCE qualifications, and spend the time teaching a mix of Maths, English, Accounting, and more to our high school students. 

Helping Learners GROW Everyday
In January we welcomed a new cohort of three-year-olds across our three pre-schools, expanding our Amoibe pre-school to its full capacity for the first time. The initial few weeks are always a little fraught, as this is the first time that our young learners are away from their homes, but students are now settled in and there are smiles to be seen! It's great to see their confidence building week on week.

It's not just new children in the classrooms this year, we have welcomed three new teaching assistants to support our growing Early Childhood Development programme and we have also had the joy of promoting one of our teaching assistants to a class teacher. All our classrooms have introduced the GROW curriculum which helps our teachers to plan engaging activities and sees classes cover different topics each week. Last week we covered the body - helping students learn head, shoulders, knees and toes! 

Supporting KHULA in 2022 and Beyond
KHULA is looking to grow our number of monthly donors, who play a central role in ensuring that we can consistently deliver our programmes year on year. If you are in a position to support us through a small monthly donation, you can sign up through JustGiving or through a monthly direct debit into our UK or South African account

Our work is only possible as a result of our generous supporters, partners, and community who allow us to have such an impact improving education in KwaZulu-Natal.

Thank you all!

Season's Greetings From KHULA Education

This week schools across South Africa are breaking up for the beginning of summer holidays. It's been a busy old year - we've opened a new pre-school in Amoibe, expanded our primary school top-up teaching programme by over 30%, been able to host life skills and job readiness workshops for school leavers, and we've offered Google courses to 200 graduates in high demand employment areas. 

While across the country learning losses led to Matric (final year) results being down 5%, KHULA supported schools saw Maths and English results go up almost across the board.

This incredible expansion of the work we are doing and the impact it has in our communities is inspiring to see, but it comes at a time when our interventions and support has never been more needed. It is estimated that primary school learners across the country lost between 70% to a full year of schooling over the last 18 months. Time in school is finite and children need extra support to catch up.

We've got big plans for 2022 to provide more help, with new projects and an expansion of our top-up teaching programme and we can't wait to share updates with you as we get things up and running. 

For now, it is time for our students, schools, teachers, and staff to take a well earned break and we hope that you are able to do the same.

Have a happy and healthy holiday,

The KHULA Education Team

Giving Tuesday is a day where everyone, everywhere can do something to support the good causes that mean so much to them. So we thought it would be the perfect time to launch KHULA Education's Christmas appeal which is raising money for a top-up teaching programme for 500 primary school children.

It's estimated that primary students in South Africa have lost between 70% and a full year of learning in the last 18 months. 

To try and mitigate the impact on children's education, our fantastic education experts, Zinhle and Sibongile, work with three primary schools around Rorke's Drift and Isandlwana to provide support to both students and teachers. They spend time teaching with the children in class, offer mentorship to local teachers and bring in innovative teaching excercises and technology to encourage student and teacher attendance.

The result of these interventions has been remarkable, across South Africa Matric results were down around 5%, but in our supported primary schools, students saw an incredible 6% increase in pass rates!

If you are looking for a way to get involved this Giving Tuesday, be a part of our Christmas appeal - donate, fundraise and share alongside us.

One of the great joys of working with students from their pre-school years to when they leave education, is seeing their progression and how they develop as a person. This month, we are thrilled to share two short videos telling the story of Mduduzi (Mdu) Maxwell Mahlaba and Nokuthula (Thuli) Fakude. Both attended KHULA Linked schools, and went on to be awarded a Madrinha Scholarship to study at University. Mdu now works as the IT administrator across all 21 of KHULA's supported schools and Thuli supports KHULA and Teach The Nation in their financial administration. 

Thuli and Mdu play an important role as peer mentors to students facing a similar set of circumstances and challenges, helping guide them as they embark on their next steps beyond school. They offer guidance, act as confidents, and inspire local youth - playing an invaluable role on our team.

It's halfway through October and in KwaZulu-Natal it seems like we are going to end the year on a high. Travel is finally reopening, which means the local tourism industry, a main source of employment, is breathing a sigh of relief and gearing up for a busy season ahead. 

In our linked schools older students are preparing for end of year exams and it's incredible to see their dedication and drive to succeed having had such disruption to their learning over the last two years. After school classes and revision sessions are filled with students hungry to learn.

Preparing For The Future
At KHULA we are already planning for what 2022 will hold, and we are excited to announce that from next year we will be partnering with Teach The Nation and the Madrinha Trust to offer four graduates a teaching fellowship with us. The graduates will allow us to expand our teaching time with students and they will bring new subject specialists to our offer. We can't wait to welcome them!

September always brings with it that back to school feeling, no matter how long ago your time in the classroom may have been. For everyone at KHULA Education there is a lot to look forward to in Term 3, not least the beginnings of spring out here in South Africa.

We've got some great projects happening in the second half of this year and our senior students are once again gearing up for all important exams, but for now we wanted to share some updates from the last month, as usual, we've been busy!

Celebrating Spring
Our Amoibe pre-schoolers have been celebrating spring's arrival by planting trees this week. The little learners have been looking after a tree through winter in their classroom, taking turns to water it, and this week (with a little help from their teachers and maintenance staff) they planted the tree, alongside 11 others from Mr Khosa, head of Amoibe Primary School.

Preparing For The Future
We were at last able to host two "Ngiyikusasa" (I am the future) workshops for final year students. They combine sessions on study skills with exercises and activities that prepare learners for the world of work. It's been an incredible effort from everyone involved to make these happen having had to rearrange them twice due to lockdowns, but we were thrilled to host 240 learners over two weekends.

A Different Type of School Dance
Mampunga Primary School have been working with us on a project that showcases traditional isiZulu dances. For many of our children, these dances play a huge role in the community events they attend, and we were thrilled that so many students volunteered to be involved and show off some of their skills. We're excited to be working with educators at Mampunga to bring traditional dance into the school setting - seeing two areas of our students’ lives coming together.


Celebrate the power of storytelling
Join KHULA at Messums Wiltshire on September 25th for an evening celebrating the power of stories. We have the creator and producer of the Peaky Blinders, Caryn Mandabach, in conversation with Alan Yentob at Messums Wiltshire.

Buy great art and do good! 
Francesca Gavin, THE HEAD is The Stand art auction's second sale and it is live until Monday. There are some fantastic lots available from 20 international artists and 10% of the hammer price goes to KHULA Education

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Privacy Policy

Dear All,

A huge number of people have been kind enough to reach out over the last week to check if our KHULA team, our schools, and our students are safe given the turmoil in South Africa. It has been a hard week, especially for members of our team who are based in towns, but we wanted to write to reassure you that we are all safe and give you a sense of how things are feeling from on the ground with the current unrest that is especially present in KwaZulu-Natal. 

Given our rural location in Rorke’s Drift and Isandlwana, we have been lucky to be spared most of the upheaval. Fortunately the social grant payment days for local families, which the majority of the community relies on, preceded the current violence and so people have basic foods. Towns around us, like Dundee and Nquthu, are being protected by their citizens and everyone is vigilant, preventing looting.

Bigger cities, like Durban, have seen the brunt of the damage. With freeways filled with burning vehicles, looting of department stores, industrial areas set alight, and two dozen schools and a hospital destroyed. While the vast number of looters initially overthrew the police, the army has now been deployed to assist affected areas of KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng. In the meantime, local communities have been defending houses and stores to keep them secure.

Fuel is rationed, most shops have no stock, and businesses only open sporadically when there is a quiet moment. Bread, milk, meat and other staples are hard to find - and this is likely to only get worse in the days ahead given the state of roads and industrial areas. 

It seems that with the arrival of new troops, things are beginning to quieten down. Neighbourhoods are seeing people cautiously step out onto the streets. Taxi drivers have played an incredible role protecting shops along their routes, and are now helping communities with the clean up operations. We have seen acts of astounding kindness and bravery, and its heartwarming to see how this crisis has united communities across all the usual tricky boundaries of race, religion and economics.

Luckily we are in the midst of school holidays, so children are home and are not required to travel to school. The holidays have been extended due to COVID but KHULA has been working with Grade 10 to 12 to keep youth on track with Maths using study packs, online resources and WhatsApp lessons. 

The immediate situation is stressful and worrying, but thankfully we are all safe. Our priority is to ensure that despite the global pandemic, and despite the civil unrest, children are not forgotten - their finite time in education is still a priority, and that they have a support system in place when they need it the most.

If you are able to help us in this, we would be enormously grateful.

Help KHULA Education Continue Top-Up Teaching 

KHULA Education's top-up teaching provides lesson planning, in-classroom teaching hours and after school study sessions to 1,500 students and provides resources like WiFi and study packs to another 4,500 students and 200 educators

On July 18th, people across South Africa and around the world celebrate Nelson Mandela Day. Despite the current unrest we are seeing in many South African cities, we hope the day will bring hope. We are encouraged to find actions big and small that we can take as individuals, and as communities, that are a small step to making a better world.

This year, we are hoping to use the moment to come together in support of our top-up teaching programme. As we stand in the midst of another national lockdown with schools closed in South Africa, the situation for high school students is particularly stressful. Their time in school is finite and over a year and a half of their education has been disrupted. 

So many of the students we work with go to incredible lengths to obtain an education. Last week Chris Magunda (our Maths Teacher) went out to the back roads of Isandlwana to deliver Maths study packs to Grade 10 students who have volunteered to be community champions distributing packs to their classmates. It’s officially holiday time but our Maths students are eager to keep up.

Just £40 supports a child for a full year in our top-up teaching programme, and the impact is extraordinary - we saw Maths marks increase by 20% and English marks increase by 27% for schools that participated.

Small donations can make big ripples in our communities, and we would be thrilled if you were able to support us.

Nelson Mandela’s fight for justice began in 1942 and for 67 tireless years he continued to fight for social justice and human rights. 

To mark Mandela's 67 years of service, we are suggesting that people celebrate his dedication by giving in that theme - whether that means £6.70, £67 or even £670 - every little bit helps

2020 was not an easy year but, with your help, we have been able to innovate at speeds we wouldn’t have believed possible 18 months ago. As our patron Prince Charles observed, “David’s optimistic spirit lives on through the Foundation”.We have come out of the year with new partnerships, 21 schools connected online and a new pre-school opened in Amoibe.

There are many more reasons to be optimistic as we look ahead. On pages 20-21 of the report we take a look at the impact we have been able to have in the area. KHULA’s programmes are driving better results that set students up for success in their futures.

Getting by, with a little help from our friends

The commitment of our supporters over the last year has been inspirational, they have allowed us to continue helping students and teachers at a time when they most need it. If you are interested in joining "Friends of KHULA Education" please reach out. Be the first to hear about new projects, help us host fundraising events and share in our mission to help offer all children the chance of quality education.

We really hope that you enjoy reading the report as much as we have enjoyed putting it together, we have tried to capture as much of the energy and enthusiasm of our staff, students, and teachers as possible. 

A big thank you for your ongoing support from all the KHULA Education team.

Dear Friends,

It is with immense pride, and some nervous excitement, that I am writing to you about a new venture called The Stand.

As we were locked down through the last year, it swiftly became apparent that the pressure faced by those in the charity sector would be immense. Need increased significantly while fundraising channels reduced, and old funding models could not be relied on to close the gap. At KHULA Education we are lucky to have many supporters in the art world. They became convinced that the capital in the art market could do more to support both artists and organisations in need. 

This was the genesis of The Stand, a pioneering digital platform where selling art, supporting artists and funding social causes form a virtuous circle. It was founded by former Sotheby's chairman, Robin Woodhead, and Beth Greenacre, curator at The AllBright and former curator of the David Bowie Collection. Most significantly for us, 10% of its sale prices will directly benefit the communities of KwaZulu-Natal.

Through the online marketplace Invaluable, The Stand will produce themed, curated auctions of works by emerging and mid-career artists. From the sale proceeds collected, the artist / sellers receive 70% of the “hammer” or sale price, while 20% of the sale proceeds will go to partner charities divided as follows: half of the 20% will go to David Rattray Foundation for the benefit of Khula and half will go to one of our other partner charities that the artist/ seller chooses.  To cover its costs and reinvestment, 10% of the sale proceeds plus the 15% buyer’s premium added to the sale price will go back to The Stand.

Running next week from 19-21 May, The Stand’s inaugural auction ‘The Female Gaze’ celebrates artists who identify as female and specifically artists that explore the female form, a subject traditionally colonised by men. The artists taking part are; Shadi Al-Atalla, Zoe Buckman, Gill Button, Delphine Diallo, Nina Mae Fowler, Goldentailx, Rachel Goodyear, Margarita Gluzberg, Emma Hart, Anna Lieber Lewis, Lady Skollie, Frances Waite. Estimates will begin at £3,000. 

The Stand’s partner charities for the first auction will be Galleries Climate Coalition (GCC), Hoxton Gardenware and Women for Women, along with founding charity partner KHULA Education.


I hope that reading about this new venture fills you with the same level of excitement and optimism that we have felt while building it. It was the infamous Dolly Parton who said, If you don't like the road you're walking, start paving another one. Commercial philanthropy as a concept is growing, and over the last year, we have worked with many bright minds to begin paving our small part in this road. We're now inviting you join us as we start to walk along.


Beth Greenacre, Curator and Director of The Stand 

"During 2020, many artists I knew at early stages of their careers struggled to make ends meet and the share of female artists in the primary market decreased. At the same time charities asked for further support from the arts sector. The Stand is our solution to these problems. It will be an online and transparent way to collect art, discover new talents and support the causes we all care about."

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