Donate to KHULA EDUCATION– a David Rattray Education Initiative

Without your generosity we wouldn’t be able to operate. At any one time around 5,500 kids enrolled in our schools depend on us to give them the opportunities that many of us take for granted, but which they could barely dream of without intervention.

In such rural, isolated communities many challenges face the children at our schools. They travel vast distances to get to school, balance chores at home around school work and then struggle to complete homework by kerosene lamp or candle after dark. But despite all of this they show resilience.

It is quite evident that the children have the drive and ambition to go as far as their education can take them. They just need the opportunity, that spark… and that’s where you come in. You can make the difference.

A heartfelt thank you for whatever generous donation you can make.

How You Can Help

£600 Pays for places for 5 learners on our summer camp.

£1000 Provides art classes for
one year.

£1000 Provides 120 books for a school library.

£5000 Provides 10 new

£5000 Provides teacher training
for one year.

£7000 Provides a pre-school teacher salary for one year.

If you wish your donation to go to a specific KHULA project or to make a large donation, please email us at for UK donations or for South African donations.

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