At the beginning of this year, as many of you know, we opened our newest KHULA pre-school in the grounds of Amoibe Primary School. The school has welcomed its first class with 20 three-year-olds in Grade RRR. From 2022 the pre-school will expand to a second class, servicing 40 children each year. We have an absolutely beautiful classroom space but were not able to afford to construct a dedicated toilet complex for the pre-school.  As the weeks have gone on, it is clear that the 100 meter walk to the Primary School toilets, feels more like 100 miles for our little-legged learners.

To make sure that children and teachers can focus time on learning, as opposed to trips back and forth to the toilet, we are looking to build toilet facilities next to our pre-school classroom. The block will be at the disposal of all 40 pre-school children, and the youngest primary school classes next door. Alongside the toilet facilities, there will be a small kitchenette to help make lunchtime easier for everyone.

A Little More About KHULA's Pre-School Programme
Around 1.1 million children aged between three and five in South Africa do not attend an early childhood development programme and most of these children can be found in KwaZulu-Natal. To counter this trend KHULA now runs three pre-schools in the uMzinyathi district working with 180 children each year.

"Brain development is very sensitive in the early years of life. The ability to succeed in school, and later in life, is built on these early foundations. Research shows that children who attend at least two years of a high quality early learning programme are more likely to start school on track.” 

-Sonja Giese

The advantage of KHULA pre-school is felt long after children graduate into primary school, with 8 out of the top 10 performers in each year being KHULA graduates.  We are incredibly proud of these figures, and they have driven us to continue to expand our pre-school programme, and extend these learning advantages to more of the community of Rorke’s Drift and Isandlwana.

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