KHULA welcomes Beryl Cheal

KHULA is delighted to welcome Peace Corps volunteer Beryl Cheal to the Isisekelo Pre School team.
Beryl has spent many years working with young children, their teachers and caregivers. She is a highly skilled teaching consultant who has worked in the United States, Middle East, South East Asia and Eastern Europe.

A few words from Beryl:

I find the KHULA pre school to be unique in its progressive education. The children, all eager to learn, coming to school with older brothers and sisters, often walking many kilometres to get there by 7.30AM, bright eyed, independent children.

Even at a young age they already are amazing problem solvers. As the world searches for strong leadership KHULA children may well be able to fill those gaps in a few short years, for the children I see have great potential. But we must continue to help them progress in their growth and development.

By working hand in hand with Thandy and the pre school team, I look forward to supporting and helping the staff develop additional teaching skills and leadership strategies to use as they assist each child in developing his/her unique capabilities.

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