November 2022

Greetings from all of us here at KHULA Education! 

This month we are excited to share two videos showcasing some of our newest projects – the Kids MBA, internationally recognized for its ability to make business principles accessible to youth, and our Storytelling project - Ngilalele (meaning 'Listen to Me') - a communication and confidence-building course with a difference.
You’ll also hear about the opening of our new building at Oscarsberg Primary School, built thanks to your generous donations, and how Sotheby’s is supporting KHULA Education to start a new artists’ residency programme.

WATCH: Harnessing the power of traditional Zulu storytelling to teach communication skills
The communities KHULA operates in are deeply rural with high levels of poverty. Sadly, this means many of the children we work with grow up thinking of themselves as inferior to their urban and often more affluent counterparts. Furthermore, it can be tricky for rural Zulu youth to navigate the western business world as their cultural norms dictate that one does not make direct eye contact with someone in authority or speak up without being asked to. Such behaviour is often misinterpreted and can hold young people back in their education and the workplace. As actor and workshop facilitator Ayanda Sithebe puts it: “[At the start of the project] it was heartbreaking to see kids who can’t just stand up and say their name - they were trembling.”
These issues informed the design of KHULA’s new Storytelling project 'Ngilalele', meaning 'Listen to me', which uses the Zulu storytelling tradition of praise poetry to build communication skills and confidence. The year-long course, embedded into the school curriculum, teaches teenagers (and teachers!) to value and celebrate the uniqueness of their culture, building self-worth, verbal and non-verbal communication and presentation skills.  Students present praise poetry in isiZulu, English and ultimately write and present their own praise poems to their peers. We have had the huge privilege to partner with some of South Africa’s leading creative talent to deliver the project, including an e-module delivered by Emmy-nominated actor Thuso Mbedu. Funding permitting, we hope to build on the project's success in 2023.
Watch actor Ayanda Sithebe speaking about the Storytelling project and its impact: “It’s beyond words how these kids are becoming sure of themselves and who they are.”

Watch Financial Coach, Chartered Accountant and KHULA Trustee Thendo Tlou talking about the first year of our Kids MBA programme.

A Brand New Kitchen and Learning Space for our Children

Last month saw the opening of our newest building at Oscarsberg Primary School, housing a Multimedia Room for teaching IT skills to preschool and primary school children, a Remediation classroom to provide smaller class support for children who need a little extra help, and a kitchen to prepare breakfast and lunch for our Rorke’s Drift preschoolers. Benefiting over 630 children, these facilities are indicative of KHULA’s commitment to ensuring children and young people in our rural schools have the tools they need to thrive academically. This means meeting their needs holistically, whether that’s ensuring two hot meals give them the energy and concentration they need to learn, supporting digital learning or providing otherwise-unavailable small class support for children who may typically be learning in heavily-oversubscribed classes, sometimes of over 90 students.

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'As It Unfolds': Enhancing access to the Arts for Children and Youth 
Numerous studies have shown how exposure to the Arts benefits children both academically and behaviorally, resulting in improved verbal, reading, maths and problem-solving skills. And yet in resource-stretched schools in KwaZulu-Natal, Arts barely feature in the curriculum. Through our Storytelling project, we are beginning to change that. And now, we are honoured to be a beneficiary of the Sotheby's auction ‘As It Unfolds’, featuring fine and decorative art from the personal collection of KHULA’s Chairman and former Sotheby’s Chief Executive and Chairman Robin Woodhead. Part of the sale proceeds will support an exciting new artists’ residency programme being developed by Robin for KHULA Education.

Watch KHULA's Chairman speak about 'As It Unfolds'

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Watch Our Amoibe preschoolers never miss a chance to practice their English!
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