Our Partnerships

Our work is only possible thanks to the generous support and partnership of individuals, trusts, foundations, corporates and other organisations across South Africa, the UK and the globe. We are hugely thankful to all our partners and the many ways they support us, whether through providing financial support, volunteering time, expertise, fundraising for us, running events and more.

If you would like to support us or discuss an idea, please contact Debbie Heustice on debbie@khula-education.org.za or you can donate right now here.

We give special thanks to the following individuals and organisations, noting that there are hundreds more who make our work possible, and we thank each and every one of you.

Thank you to our partners

  • ABE UK
  • Advantage Learn
  • The Aeonian Foundation
  • The Allen and Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust
  • Apple / CoreGroup
  • The Ashworth Trust
  • The Australian High Commission
  • Bateleur Partners
  • Ben Carroll’s Golf Day
  • Irene Cattaneo
  • Carl and Emily Fuchs Foundation
  • Cazenove+Loyd
  • The Childwick Trust
  • DHL Supply Chain
  • District-6 Design
  • The Edmond J. Safra Foundation
  • Fugitives’ Drift Lodge
  • The Gilander Foundation
  • Google for Education
  • Jonathan and Angela Henry
  • iSchool Africa
  • James Roberts Memorial Trust
  • The Joseph Ettedgui Charitable Foundation
  • The Kirsh Foundation
  • KZN Slots
  • The Lennox Hannay Charitable Trust
  • Katharine Loyd
  • The Madrinha Trust
  • Caryn Mandabach
  • Mazda Foundation
  • MoneyCentsZA
  • The Coca-Cola Foundation
  • MorClick
  • Sarah Morthland
  • Catherine and John Pawson
  • Pick ‘n Pay Fund Our Futures
  • Precipio Consulting
  • The Prism Charitable Trust
  • The Savanna Foundation
  • Siyavula Maths
  • Dai Smith and Susan Gostick
  • Spence Family Charitable Trust
  • Teach the Nation
  • The Officers’ Association of the Royal Welsh
  • Vodacom
  • Yad Mordechai
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