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The Challenge

Overcrowding is a serious problem in the rural schools of this area.

Teacher to pupil ratios can sit as high as 40:1 giving the teacher little opportunity to connect on an individual basis. Therefore it is essential that teachers are skilled in their teaching practices to ensure that the pupils can get the most out of their lessons.

Unfortunately, the teachers are often poorly qualified and struggle to think of creative ways to use the limited resources available to make their lessons more engaging.

KHULA in South Africa & the UK - A David Rattray Education Initiative

The Solution

Since 2008 we have been working with a group of highly qualified and experienced teachers from some of the country’s more privileged schools.

This group of teachers, who volunteer their time under the banner of KEEN (KHULA Educators Enrichment Network) deliver training and idea exchange workshops for our teachers twice a year. These workshops cover areas and material that are prepared as a result of direct analysis of local classroom activities.

We have also partnered with Duke Corporate Education to run a series of leadership workshops for the management teams in our schools. Topics covered have included leadership and team management, school finances and communications.

Off the back of the Duke Programme, the principals formed their own Ideas Exchange Forum whereby they meet up periodically to discuss ideas, seek advice and collaborate.

The feedback we have received from the schools and the teachers has been very positive and so we look to continue our training sessions.

With your support we can maximise our impact and improve the opportunities for children in rural South Africa.

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