The Challenge

Our rural schools are generally ill-equipped to deliver quality teaching on the subjects requiring expensive resources.

Few of our schools have an IT lab with facilities up to the required standard required to teach computer skills and none have a dedicated science lab. As a result students in some schools are shown the basic computer interface through paper printouts in class.

At the same time, teachers are at full capacity and often unable to provide the level of attention some individuals need to clarify their understanding.

KHULA in South Africa & the UK - A David Rattray Education Initiative

The Solution

We are currently developing a Hub - a centralised resource centre for use by local schools where the students can not only access much need facilities and resources, but also highly qualified and passionate teachers.

Schools from the surrounding communities will be invited to use the facilities at the Community Hub, providing a safe, focused and nurturing environment in which the students can advance their skills vital for future employment.

The Hub will have dedicated Computer, Science, English and Maths teachers, and Art and Drama facilities available to the KHULA Schools

The Results

Our Hub will provide an invaluable resource for the local schools and assist in promoting the advanced learning of the students in this region, and a higher rate of enrollment in tertiary education.

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