School is closed but learning is open - KHULA needs your help

 Thank you to everyone who has supported our tablet campaign; with your help we have raised funds for 80 of the 200 tablet computers we need for our year 12 students. 

I am sure many of you are wrestling with working from home and home schooling children, but imagine thedifficulty with no access to the internet, possibly only one smartphone per family, no home computer and trying toteach in a second language. These are just some of the challenges facing many families in the rural KwaZulu-Natal right now. 

Our team has arranged the safe drop off and collection of study packs and even installed a Wi-Fi mast to allowinternet access. For the older pupils, however, we need to do more to ensure that they are able to access theacademic resources they need to prepare for their final examinations. We are therefore raising funds to equipeach of the final year pupils with a tablet computer.

All the money raised through this campaign will go to supply educational tablets so they can continue with their learning online

Each tablet costs £120, so even the smallest donations will push us closer to our goal and help us give oftenforgotten children hope and opportunity at this difficult time. Click on the orange text above to support ourcampaign via GoFundMe or donate directly via the KHULA website.

Best regards,

Robin Woodhead Chairman,

The David Rattray Memorial Trust, supporting KHULA Education

UK Registered Charity Number: 1119353

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