School's Out!

Season's Greetings From KHULA Education

This week schools across South Africa are breaking up for the beginning of summer holidays. It's been a busy old year - we've opened a new pre-school in Amoibe, expanded our primary school top-up teaching programme by over 30%, been able to host life skills and job readiness workshops for school leavers, and we've offered Google courses to 200 graduates in high demand employment areas. 

While across the country learning losses led to Matric (final year) results being down 5%, KHULA supported schools saw Maths and English results go up almost across the board.

This incredible expansion of the work we are doing and the impact it has in our communities is inspiring to see, but it comes at a time when our interventions and support has never been more needed. It is estimated that primary school learners across the country lost between 70% to a full year of schooling over the last 18 months. Time in school is finite and children need extra support to catch up.

We've got big plans for 2022 to provide more help, with new projects and an expansion of our top-up teaching programme and we can't wait to share updates with you as we get things up and running. 

For now, it is time for our students, schools, teachers, and staff to take a well earned break and we hope that you are able to do the same.

Have a happy and healthy holiday,

The KHULA Education Team

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