We are all in need of inspiring stories at the moment, and the KHULA team is so thrilled to be able to share some with you in this newsletter. In a year where you had to run to stand still, our children and teachers sprinted and their dedication paid off. Last year we shared stories of study packs, WiFi towers and WhatsApp study groups, now we have the pleasure of showing you the difference they were able to make.

These results are all the more impressive because they were certainly not the norm, those of you in South Africa may have seen the news that Matric results as a whole went down 5% nationwide. Our results haven't followed that trajectory and we hope you join us in celebrating our students achievements:

  • Grade 12 students saw an incredible 100% pass rate in English and in Maths, Shiyane
    Secondary School’s pass rate increased by 13% to above the district average
  • Our Grade 8-10 pupils saw an incredible 27% increase in average English marks and a 9% increase in average Maths marks over the course of the year
  • Our KHULA supported Primary Schools saw an average of a 7% increase in their Maths and English marks through the year


In January, the first children began at Amoibe, our newest pre-school, and they have settled in quickly. The new location brings our pre-school capacity (three to five year-olds) up to 200. In the rural landscape around Rorke's Drift, children rarely hear English spoken at home, but are expected to learn in English at school from Grade 4 onwards – so it is essential that we develop their confidence and abilities in English so they can thrive in years ahead. The school was opened at the request of local parents who have seen the impact early education can have. Things seem to be going well, of all of our pre-schools, Nothile reported that Amoibe had the least tears on week one, so the team looks to be starting out right!

Essential to our ability to make a difference last year was the generosity of every one of our donors and partners. In the space of months, we drove the access and adoption of technology across schools in the area, providing WiFi, software and tablets to ensure learning could continue from home. 

Alongside these innovations, it is fundamental that we continue to deliver our core programmes- working with students and teachers to ensure access to quality education. Without events and travel, many of our fundraising channels are on hold and we rely more than ever on your support.

My wish for you
Is that you continue


To be who and how you are
To astonish a mean world
With your acts of kindness.

Maya Angelou

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