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Help KHULA Education Continue Top-Up Teaching 

KHULA Education's top-up teaching provides lesson planning, in-classroom teaching hours and after school study sessions to 1,500 students and provides resources like WiFi and study packs to another 4,500 students and 200 educators

On July 18th, people across South Africa and around the world celebrate Nelson Mandela Day. Despite the current unrest we are seeing in many South African cities, we hope the day will bring hope. We are encouraged to find actions big and small that we can take as individuals, and as communities, that are a small step to making a better world.

This year, we are hoping to use the moment to come together in support of our top-up teaching programme. As we stand in the midst of another national lockdown with schools closed in South Africa, the situation for high school students is particularly stressful. Their time in school is finite and over a year and a half of their education has been disrupted. 

So many of the students we work with go to incredible lengths to obtain an education. Last week Chris Magunda (our Maths Teacher) went out to the back roads of Isandlwana to deliver Maths study packs to Grade 10 students who have volunteered to be community champions distributing packs to their classmates. It’s officially holiday time but our Maths students are eager to keep up.

Just £40 supports a child for a full year in our top-up teaching programme, and the impact is extraordinary - we saw Maths marks increase by 20% and English marks increase by 27% for schools that participated.

Small donations can make big ripples in our communities, and we would be thrilled if you were able to support us.

Nelson Mandela’s fight for justice began in 1942 and for 67 tireless years he continued to fight for social justice and human rights. 

To mark Mandela's 67 years of service, we are suggesting that people celebrate his dedication by giving in that theme - whether that means £6.70, £67 or even £670 - every little bit helps

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