“Because of KHULA, children are able to go to university and help their families.”

Mrs Zanele Sibiya, Principal of Siyanda High School

Zanele Sibiya is Principal of Siyanda High School, which KHULA has been supporting since 2019 with Top-Up Teaching, Educator Development and more. Here, she tells us about the impact of KHULA’s services for her students and the wider community.

“KHULA is helping us and the surrounding community. There are families who used to be very, very poor, but because of KHULA, their children are able to go to university and help their families. You can see new houses built in the community."

“KHULA has helped our students improve their results a lot, and they’re not just passing exams, but getting good quality passes. We used to have a lot of learners scoring under 40% in their exams, but in 2022, only one learner got under 40% and all the others scored between 40-79%."

“Many learners are now studying at tertiary level because they see the importance of education. In 2022, about 58% of students graduated with different qualifications that enable them to work, so many households are benefiting."

“When our students go for KHULA classes at Shiyane High School, they come back motivated and wanting to reach a certain level because of KHULA. The exposure KHULA is giving to our learners is making them want to go to university."

“Just now, some Grade 12s asked me to help them with their applications to university. We now have learners applying and enrolling in university simply because we are working with KHULA.”

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