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The Rattray Family

Nicky Rattray and her sons, Douglas,  Andrew and Peter continue to play an important role in their father’s legacy through The David Rattray Foundation.  The beautiful and world-renowned Fugitives’ Drift Lodge, on the banks of the Buffalo River and adjacent to the Anglo Zulu War battlefields is the foundation stone from which KHULA-Education has been built. 

Having grown up in this glorious region and able to speak the local isiZulu language, David became a leading expert on the Anglo Zulu Wars of 1879. His younger son, Doug has taken on this mantle, leading fascinating and compelling historical tours of the battlefields in the area.

‘Over the years, I have had the pleasure of seeing many of the children of the local area grow up before my eyes and attend the schools supported by KHULA-Education. Many of them are the children of those employed at the Lodge or are the direct descendants of those brave soldiers who made the areas of Rorke’s Drift and Isandlwana famous. Our ambition is to provide a quality education for as many children as possible in David’s name, so that they might fulfil their potential and his dream.’- Nicky Rattray
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