Welcoming A New School Year

It's been a busy start to 2022 at KHULA Education with new educators joining the team, new schools being inducted into our top-up teaching programme, and all three of our pre-schools now at full capacity.

One of the definite highlights has been seeing classes and school grounds full of noise and students again, as rotational teaching has come to an end and school is now back full time for learners. It isn't without its difficulties, as many school classes -already full- are now significantly above their capacity with students needing to catch up on lost learning, but the fact that students have returned to education is something to be celebrated.

Meet KHULA's Teaching Fellows
We are very excited to be working with Teach The Nation and The Madrinha Trust on a new initiative which sees recent university graduates join the KHULA Educator Team to help support our top-up teaching programme. They will be with us for two years, while they earn their PGCE qualifications, and spend the time teaching a mix of Maths, English, Accounting, and more to our high school students. 

Helping Learners GROW Everyday
In January we welcomed a new cohort of three-year-olds across our three pre-schools, expanding our Amoibe pre-school to its full capacity for the first time. The initial few weeks are always a little fraught, as this is the first time that our young learners are away from their homes, but students are now settled in and there are smiles to be seen! It's great to see their confidence building week on week.

It's not just new children in the classrooms this year, we have welcomed three new teaching assistants to support our growing Early Childhood Development programme and we have also had the joy of promoting one of our teaching assistants to a class teacher. All our classrooms have introduced the GROW curriculum which helps our teachers to plan engaging activities and sees classes cover different topics each week. Last week we covered the body - helping students learn head, shoulders, knees and toes! 

Supporting KHULA in 2022 and Beyond
KHULA is looking to grow our number of monthly donors, who play a central role in ensuring that we can consistently deliver our programmes year on year. If you are in a position to support us through a small monthly donation, you can sign up through JustGiving or through a monthly direct debit into our UK or South African account

Our work is only possible as a result of our generous supporters, partners, and community who allow us to have such an impact improving education in KwaZulu-Natal.

Thank you all!

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