Our Programmes – KHULA EDUCATION – A David Rattray Initiative

The Programmes of KHULA EDUCATION – a David Rattray Education Initiative

KHULA EDUCATION - A David Rattray Initiative

Early Childhood Development programme

Many of the youngest children in KZN are denied the opportunity to attend a Pre School. In 2015 we built our first Pre School, which offers places for 80 children. In 2019 we are building our second Pre School in the region ensuring even more young children have solid foundations on which to build their education success.

KHULA EDUCATION - A David Rattray Initiative

Linked Schools Programme

This programme links a group of schools (Pre School, Primary & Secondary) that are located close together and serve the same children. Our evaluations demonstrated that the children who came from our Pre School into the local Primary school were far more advanced in their learning journey. Therefore we now support all the schools with additional teaching in core subjects such as Maths and English to ensure that the children who require more support are not left behind and those who are more advanced can continue at their pace.

KHULA EDUCATION - A David Rattray Initiative

Supplemental Teaching Programme

Many children are held back year after year due to not having a basic understanding in Maths and English. This presents a huge barrier for children moving into primary and secondary education. Our programme supports these children with extra curricular lessons in these vital subjects.

KHULA EDUCATION - A David Rattray Initiative

Life Skills Programme

We seek to provide general support to a child’s overall education by focusing on positive psychological, emotional and behavioural development.

KHULA EDUCATION - A David Rattray Initiative

Teacher Training Programme

We provide structured training and support for teachers and school principals to enable the schools to provide the best outcomes for the children.

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